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Excited to meet you all!

Hey future friends!

My name is Eyal (pronounced like ay-y’all), and I live in Palo Alto, CA. I love coming across ideas that I am unfamiliar with, so I love to read, watch movies, stay in tune with politics, and travel, of course! Just this summer I explored nine different countries: France, Italy, Russia, Israel, Germany, Austria, Czechia, Netherlands, and Costa Rica, and have some crazy stories to tell about each of them.

Going into Nepal, I really hope to push myself in ways I have yet to consider, to seek discomfort, and to support anyone who hopes to grow in their own way as well. When I return, I will live in Israel for the first half of 2020 and improve my coding skills via workshops and internships, while in the frequent company of my extended family. After a gap year focused on my growth as an individual irrelevant to me being a student, I will take my new perspectives to Kenyon College.

Excited to learn more about you,