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Gear Storage While on Course

Namaste All,

Thanks to Matt for posting his question about gear storage. On this trip, there will be a lot of movement around the country, and when you arrive in Kathmandu we will be moving to our orientation site in Nagarkot right away. We will carry all of our gear with us for the first two weeks of the course, throughout our orientation and to our Buddhist retreat at the monastery. In the second week, we will be able to drop off some items at our program house in Patan to store there until we arrive for our urban homestay in early November (so if you have a gift for your homestay or clothes for the urban environment, you can drop them off there).

When we go on trek, we will be able to carry only our essentials and leave the rest of our items behind to find us at the end of the trek. For that, we recommend bringing a duffel bag to leave excess items in – this is discussed in the packing list that was sent by Dragons. You can otherwise expect to travel around Nepal with everything you plan on having for the semester, and it’s for this reason that we recommend packing light.

As always, please feel to reach out with any questions, and keep checking the yak board for final details and information.