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Getting Ready to Travel

Hi friends!

We write to you from Bangkok, Thailand; where Dragons instructors meet prior to our courses for a training and in preparation for the months ahead. The three of us have been busy preparing for our course and all of the adventures we will set out to have. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

We wanted to send out a friendly reminder to post your introduction Yak! It’s a great way to introduce yourself to our group and to also become familiar with using the Yak board (we will be using it throughout our course). Thank you to those of you who have already done so.

Just to give you a few more details regarding our itinerary and what you can expect…

We will be doing a multi-day hike + some day hikes and would encourage you all to have comfortable footwear. Whether that be trail running shoes or hiking boots, make sure that your shoes are broken in to avoid blisters. We’re also emphasizing on bringing sun protection essentials (i.e. a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen).

We also wanted to share a few travel tips with you all to prepare for the long journey to Morocco. After countless long trips, here are a few useful travel tips that may help to make your travels a bit more comfortable:

  • You’re going to be pushing your body hard during our three months together. You’ll go through jet-lag, be exposed to new germs, ascend and descend altitudes, ride on all manner of transportation, and carry all of your possessions on your back. You need your body to work. So before you even fly, in the coming days make a conscious effort to exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, and drink tons of water. When you’re the only one who isn’t catching a cold or suffering from funny stomach the second week in, you’ll appreciate what you physically did to get ready, and you’ll be ready to help the rest of the group if needed.
  • Have a pen with you on the flight to fill out immigration forms before arrival. Having these ready to go before you deplane (can you believe that’s a word?) can help you speed through the customs and immigration lines.
  • Long flights are hard on your body. Drinking tons of water helps. After you get through security, you can usually buy water or fill up your water bottle. We suggest you drink about a fourth of a liter every fifteen minutes to avoid the dehydrating effects of altitude and the recycled air. Being hydrated also seems to help shed the effects of jetlag.
  • If you can, sit in an aisle seat so that you can get up and move frequently. Doing some stretches in the back of the plane can keep your blood flowing and your body feeling good. Watch out for passing food carts! An aisle seat also allows you to go to the bathroom whenever you need to, which is going to be pretty often with all the water you’re going to be drinking. Minimizing the luggage you put under the seat in front of you will also give you room to move your legs around.
  • You may want to bring a warm layer onto the airplane as it can get pretty cold at 35,000 feet! You can also ball this up and put it on your shoulder as a makeshift pillow. It definitely helps your sleep if you aren’t jerking awake every time your head nods off in one direction or the other. If your plane has an adjustable headrest, even better!
  • It never hurts to toss a pair of underwear, your toothbrush, and a travel size tube of toothpaste in your carry-on bag in case you want to freshen up on the plane or your checked bag decides to fly to a different country than you do. It can also be nice to have a pair of sandals to change into on the plane.
  • Carry some tissue packs – not all bathrooms are equipped with toilet paper and you probably don’t want to be without in times of need
  • Make sure you always know exactly where your passport is!
  • Before you leave the plane, grab anything free. Eye covers, headphones, and earplugs may come in handy later in the trip.

We will be waiting for you in Casablanca! If you have any questions or concerns before we meet, please reach out to the Dragon’s office or post a Yak here.