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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Group Thoughts

“… Differences and similarities”
” … Aren’t all what you see in the movies”
“… Love by smiling”

These are the impressions we want to make on local communities.

“To grow as a person”
“To better understand myself and others”
“To experience something new”
“To learn to communicate through means beyond talking”
“To challenge the values I have been raised on”
“To awaken my sense of spirituality”
“To deepen my love of the outdoors”
“To come back with a greater appreciation for the things I take for granted”
“To get an inner self-confidence and drive that cannot be extinguished”
“To allow myself to be changed from within”
“To let the essence of what Nepal is seep into my soul”

These are the things we want to get out of our time here.

“I wanted to see the Himalayas for myself”
“I’ve been fascinated by Nepali culture since I was young.”
“I’ve found myself mired by a deep cynicism, lacking motivation and purpose.”
“I’m convinced that there’s more to strive for in life than nice homes and beach vacation and fancy cars.”
“I chose to come on this trip to be reunited with the blazing, roaring, un-domesticated essence of life that lies deep within every human.”

These are the reasons why we chose to come to Nepal.