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Hey everybody!

I’m Miles, and I’m from Palo Alto, California (right near Stanford). I grew up and have always lived here in Silicon Valley, and I’m sure it has shaped much of my personality. I’ll be attending Vassar College in Poughkeepsie next fall, but in the meantime I’m excited to travel with all of you.

I’m taking a gap year just because it seems like an awesome opportunity: to travel, to see the world, to grow as a person, to experience more before college, you name it! I chose China because in so many of the fields I’ve studied (Econ, Cultural Anthro, Poli Sci), China is a bit of a puzzle–and seeing it in the news every day this month, I am now particularly excited to understand China’s identity from the inside. Plus, as China’s tech industry booms (quite interested in tech/business as well), it can’t hurt to know some Mandarin.

I’m super interested in psychology and human behavior, which aligns very closely with culture. Politics and economics keep me busy a lot of the time as well, and my podcast feed is always quite full. I love to travel, particularly to less common destinations–a personal highlight was a family trip to Ethiopia (pictured). Above all else I enjoy long, thoughtful conversations, the kinds that emerge late at night between close friends–and I look forward to many of these in the coming months!

In my free time I love spending time with friends, reading, watching TV (mainly binging sitcoms–currently it’s Community), and honestly, eating. Exploring food will definitely be a highlight for me. I love music, and pretty much only stop listening to it to play (guitar/piano)–hoping to travel with a uke, we’ll see. I’m a total political junkie, so I’m frankly a bit nervous about being so disconnected for so long, but I’m sure it’ll be good for me. That said, I love my politics delivered through comedy and lean on SNL for my sanity–my sense of humor is the substantive but witty stuff, think Hasam Minhaj.

Can’t wait to share many more stories, convos, memories, and more–See you in LA.