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Photo by Teva Corwin (2018 Summer Photo Contest Entry), Peru 4-Week.

Hello desde Huaran!

Hello friends and family!

We are here in Huarán, a beautiful Andean town just 30 minutes east of Urubamba. Here we are getting to know each of the students in the group, the instructors, and our surroundings. There is a river that reassures us as it rushes next to the house, a mountain breeze that brushes our faces every time we walk outside in the brisk spring air, and many dogs and cats and chickens and flowers and new corn stalks and potato plants that dot the grounds with life. We have been eating very well here as Tania and her crew of kitchen helpers, Alicia, Elena and Uvaldina, have been preparing amazing meals. We have been sleeping well here too as the blankets at night weigh us down and allow us to drift into comfortable slumber.

These past few days we have been focusing on learning more about Peru, the meaning of “service,” our potential placement sites, some Spanish language, and how to thrive and learn in a new environment. We have also been able to learn more about our surroundings and enjoy nature. One highlight is being able to see all the amazing stars and the Milky Way at night as the new moon this past Friday has opened up the darkness for us to see the light.

We are grateful for a safe and secure place to acclimate both mind and body before embarking on the rest of our journey through the Sacred Valley.

Today, most of the group went on a short walk to the Catarata Arín guided by Freddy, one of the adolescents that helps out at Casita Huarán. Attached are some pictures from that walk.

Sending hugs your way,

Field Staff: Mónica, Teto, and Raquel