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Hey :)

Hey everyone, I’m Josephine and I live in Amsterdam, Netherlands. When asked about my nationality I find myself conflicted because even though I was born in Amsterdam I lived in Brazil for 15 years. I spent most of this summer traveling with friends & family, working, reading and rewatching friends. I also got to meet the newest member of my family (a golden retriever pup) who now makes up most of my free time :)) I enjoy playing soccer, skiing and exploring new places.

After graduating from an IB School, I decided to take a year off to take a break from an academically driven environment and challenge myself to do things outside of my comfort zone. I hope to use this experience to learn about all of you and hopefully a bit about myself too.

I’m very excited for the trekking and religious aspects of the trip. I was introduced to Buddhism on an incredible trip to Myanmar and can’t wait to expand my knowledge of it during our stay at the Monastery!

After Nepal, I plan on staying in Amsterdam for a couple of months before going backpacking in Australia. In those months I’ll be preparing for the selection process required for Dutch Medical Schools. At this point, I’m still not certain if I want to go through with studying medicine but hopefully, the trip to Nepal will give me some insight into what I want to pursue.

I can’t wait to meet everyone!