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Andean priest and spiritual leader, Don Fabian Champi Apaza. Photo by Tom Pablo, Andes & Amazon Semester.


I’m Izzy from Needham, MA, a suburb about 20 minutes outside of Boston and I am so so excited to meet all of you! I spent my summer as a tennis coach at a day camp which was fun, but very tiring and filled with a lot of crazy kids. Besides playing tennis, I love to snowboard and dance. I have been a competitive snowboard racer for almost 10 years and I am psyched to be out west at Colorado College in beautifully snowy and cold January! When I’m not making friendship bracelets or watching New Girl, I am playing board games and hanging with friends.

My academic interests lie in the sciences and early childhood education. While I am looking forward to pursuing these studies in January, I am so excited to learn about the culture and societal dynamics of the native Peruvian and Bolivian people, as well as attempt to perfect my fairly average high school Spanish. I am also so excited to learn so much from all of you and your unique experiences.

As for my life in Needham, I have had the privilege to grow up in a very open, accepting community, yet there will always be areas to improve. Over the past school year, my high school came together to fight against racist remarks and graffiti found in the bathrooms through various walk outs and protests in hopes of attracting the attention of our administration. Our community is working towards healing derogatory emotions within the public school system and creating a space where all genders, races and ethnicities feel safe to learn and thrive.

Finally, regarding the pre-course assignment, I was drawn to the tie between the hardworking people and the significance of nature. The reading and song taught me about the how the beauty of the earth cannot be bought or traded and instead is a privilege which must be cared for and maintained. Additionally, I was struck by how the hard work of the native South American people was severely overlooked during the Spanish rule. The work of the natives was so important to Spain’s operations, yet it was taken for granted, similar to the beauties and function of nature around us.

See you all so soon!