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A young arriero leads a mule across fresh snow in the Peruvian Andes. Photo by Benjamin Swift (2016 Fall Semester Photo Contest Finalist), South America Semester.


Hey guys, my name is Jillian and I live in Princeton Junction, New Jersey with my parents and 4 siblings (including my twin sister, Sydney). I graduated from The Lawrenceville School in June and I will be attending Harvard in the fall of 2020 where I plan to study biology.

I decided to take a gap year before I even applied to college because I wanted to pause and concentrate on myself during a period in my life where I was long on time and short on responsibilities. I wanted to accomplish 3 things: (1) do something that scared and challenged me; (2) do something that educated and enriched me; and (3) do something that relaxed and entertained me. I also wanted to spend as much time in an immersive Spanish-language setting as possible. I am very happy to be sharing this experience with Sydney.

I love playing soccer, basketball and running (leisurely, not in track!). I am passionate about social justice and human rights. I am so excited for what lies ahead.