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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Himalaya Vision

Namaste students,

As our time together in Nepal draws ever closer, in addition to thinking about all the fun that we are about to have (and making epic/terrible photoshop art for you), your instructors want to share our vision for our group…

We believe learning can be transformational.  We envision a course where we all try to understand learning in its broadest and most enriching sense.  We want to expand the horizons and possibilities of what it means to learn and grow.  We are active, not passive, and engage by immersing ourselves in our surroundings and in building relationships. We make a practice of observing.  We reflect on our experiences and the meaning they hold for us.

We make honesty the foundation of our time in Nepal.  We challenge ourselves to be open with one another and to be honest with ourselves.  We admit how vulnerable we are and see that process as strength rather than weakness.  We become more aware of our emotions and values, and consider how they affect the way we see and the way we live.  We each try to better understand those around us.

From homestays to working with local experts, or even in chance encounters, we envision making strong connections and having meaningful exchanges with the people we meet in Nepal.  And we do so with an appreciation that for each of us on this planet, our worth/ importance is the same.  We understand that our own stories and realities are tiny parts of a huge world.  We allow ourselves to care and be inspired.

Whether out trekking or making a brand new plan in our expedition phase, we don’t try to force the experiences we came for; we have the experiences that are here.  We don’t try to re-create the environment we came from and we don’t prioritize our own comfort.  We reconsider “problems,” or things not going as expected, instead viewing them as often the biggest opportunities to learn and grow.  We have the courage to live in a complex world, day after day.  We aspire to be deeply grateful.

We believe our months together in Nepal have the potential to make a lasting and meaningful difference in all of our lives, and can’t wait to all meet in person.

Tsheten, Tsering, and Bradford