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“I’ll come back later”

Introduction to bargaining:

“Namaste! I am looking for a comfortable shawl for my mother.”
“We have the softest cashmere in the valley…just for your mom.”

“I love soft fabric, may I pet?”

“Yes, we have many options; silk, wool, blend, and cashmere. Does your mom like color?”

“My mother loves color, perhaps the purple?”

“Yes the purple is very beautiful.  I love all colors, such as my yellow shirt. Look.”

“Yes sir, your yellow shirt looks very comfortable against your skin.  How much for the purple cashmere shawl?”

“4000 Rupees.”

“Hmmm, a little pricey considering my budget.  How about 2000?”

“Nooo, this is very high quality.  You will not find anywhere else; 3000.”

“I have a very small budget, still too much.”

“Your mother will love this piece.  I will give you 2900 for you.  Best deal in the valley.”

“Ok my friend, I will go for a stroll and get back to you.”

“Mmm are you sure?”

“I’ll come back later.”