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Andean priest and spiritual leader, Don Fabian Champi Apaza. Photo by Tom Pablo, Andes & Amazon Semester.


Hi! My name is Isabelle Wydler, I’m from Washington D.C. (or technically just outside of DC).  I’m taking a gap semester before I start college this winter. While it has been weird to see all of my friends leave for/start college in the past few weeks, I could not be more thankful for this time/opportunity to learn in such a unique, hands-on way before jumping back into classroom academics.  Over these coming few months in Bolivia and Peru I hope to gain a deeper sense of identity, place, and perspective.

In my free time I love to sing loudly and out of tune, star gaze, and sunrise chase (I can’t wait to do all of these things in the Andes!)  I also love to run, hike, and take photos. I’ve spent my last few summers on various backpacking trips (most recently, this summer, in Switzerland hiking the high alpine pass route).  I was drawn to this Dragons’ program because I knew I wanted to spend my gap semester in nature, but I also wanted to delve deeper and learn about the history, environmental science, and culture behind my surroundings.  I’ve been taking Spanish for a long time now, but am still painfully mediocre at it and so I look forward to working on and improving my proficiency. I’m super excited that our group’s “FOI” is resistance– throughout high school I spent a lot of time exploring international feminism through various internships and clubs and I look forward to gaining a deeper understanding of feminism from a Bolivian and Peruvian perspective.

Can’t wait to meet you all!!