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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.


Hi everyone!

My name is Mickey (like the mouse) and I live in Concord, Massachusetts but I’m originally from the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts. I am BEYOND excited to begin this amazing journey and to get to know all of you. This will be my second time in Nepal, my first time being a four-week course I did with Dragons in July of 2017. That month was by far the most impactful, beautiful, intense, inspiring month I had ever lived and I knew I had to come back and delve even deeper into the amazing place that is Nepal.

A few things about me: I just graduated from high school this past May where I played a lot of music, was involved in community service, and served as the President of the student body. Music is a huge part of my life; I’ve been playing the drum set for about eight years and I also play a little bit of upright bass. I play primarily jazz/funk music and a little bit of classical. I listen to everything (like literally everything) but at the moment mostly rap and various types of world music. I also really enjoy filmmaking and skateboarding. I’ll be starting college in February at Middlebury College.

What brings me to Nepal is an intense, pretty much lifelong interest in the religious traditions of South Asia. While I am someone who is passionate about many things, my fervor for this topic transcends all my other interests or passions. In Nepal, I look forward to being able to experience a culture that lives and breathes this stuff. I can’t wait to get this journey started, I can feel the excitement building every day.

See you soon,