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Hello friends! I’m Owen from Santa Rosa, California.  This summer I mostly stuck to a schedule of climbing and painting everyday.  On my time off, I was backpacking, surfing, or searching for snow to ski in the high Sierras.  Early on in the summer, I was able to procure my very first stove which was a huge lifestyle upgrade.  For one, I could finally cook my own food in the backcountry and it made it pretty easy to brew tea in my room (as the kitchen is bit of a walk aways).  As of recent, Nepal has been at the forefront of my mind.  I am really excited to learn a new craft and for some trekking in an amazing new environment.  I hope at some point during the trip to study the practice of honey hunting and ideas of the self in religion.

When I return from Nepal, I will be doing a NOLS intensive in the Rockies and later attending Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon.  I am interested in studying a bunch of stuff right now, like journalism, environmental design, natural medicine, art in some capacity, and neuroscience.

excited to see you soon:3