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Namaste Everyone! Sorry for the late post. My name is Asa, I am from Carlisle Massachusetts (about an hour out of Boston), and I am beyond excited for this semester in Nepal. For the past four years I went to my public high school in the next town over and this January I will be continuing school at Hamilton College in New York.

I have always been on outdoorsy person, I ran cross country for the last 8 years, I was on my high school nordic ski team, I have worked at a bike shop which fuels my love for mountain biking and not so much road biking since I was hit by a car, and have raced sled dogs since I was 6 (sprint races with hound-like dogs not huskies 2-6 miles/3-10 km not the super long races you may have heard of). Those experiences are what pushed me towards Nepal for its vast wilderness and mountains which I love. On the other hand I have much less experience with language and religion but I am very excited to learn about, test, and likely embarrass myself with all of you these next few months.

As far as talking points go from the top of my head, I listen to pretty much all types of music and watch a variety of tv shows, I love science, and I’m a fan of most all unconventional sports.

Good luck to everyone getting ready this final week, I can’t wait to meet all of you!