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Our first few days in Nepal!

We’ve only been in Nepal for about a week, but it already feels like we have experienced so much. This is but a glimpse.

The students landed in a rainy and wet Kathmandu and were quickly whisked away in a bus to Bhaktapur, an ancient city just to the east of Kathmandu Valley. We settled into a guesthouse for orientation, an intentional time where we get to know each other, begin to learn about Nepal and visit the instructors’ favourite tea stall.

Although it rained for two and a half out of the four days we spent in Bhaktapur, the students were super troopers and did their best to stay engaged, despite the gloom. 🙂

On one of our days the students did a scavenger hunt in the city of Bhaktapur, getting (carefully) lost in the many alleyways and getting their first taste of this amazing country.

As you may already know, one of Dragon’s core components is Learning Service and our group was very lucky to have Claire Bennett, perhaps the Learning Service expert come and talk to us about this and her recently published book about it. We challenged our perceptions of what service is, why we do it, who gets to do it and began thinking about news ways to think about and practice it in our lives. We recommend reading her book, but three of many takeaways are:

  • You have to learn before you can help.
  • The people you need to learn from are those you want to help.
  • Learning and service are life long.

Our group is looking forward to continuing asking the difficult questions and pushing ourselves to learn and grow.

After we wrapped up our orientation, we spent three days with our dear friends Prabighya and Dave at their permaculture farm, Three Trees. Just a little ways away from our guesthouse in Bhaktapur, we learned about what exactly permaculture is, how we can all live simpler lives (even if we live in New York City … or somewhere like it) and how to make a Hugel Bed! We are so thankful to them for opening up their home to us.

We are now in Patan, where students have just moved into their homestays for the next three weeks! They are full of nervous, excited energy and you can look forward to their first impressions and thoughts about Patan and their homestays very soon.