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Photo by Benjamin Swift, Andes & Amazon Semester.

People over Phones

My head is filled with questions.  I have questions about the plants and animals surrounding me, questions about people and their ideas, and questions about places and their origins.  Here in Coroico I have pondered many ideas; Are the palm like trees that line the hillside are related to ferns due to their furled fronds?  What kind of wood is the hammock post made of? Who made the benches that we sit on while enjoying our fires? What exactly is the deal around the birds with the yellow tails?

When I was at home I had answers at my fingertips almost constantly.  I could go to the internet and discover new information about nearly everything instantly.  Here in Bolivia, being separate from my phone has left me to think about these questions in isolation, discuss them with my fellow dragons, or ask my instructors or locals.  My reliance on technology back home has made me lose human interaction as a part of being inquisitive and curious about the surrounding world.  I think it will be a positive transformation going from reaching for my phone to find an answer to reaching out to real people and hearing opinions and knowledge that has become an integral part of Bolivian culture and society.  I am trying to gain a confidence when interacting with locals that I have never needed to use because of my tendency to go to technology over people.