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Saturday was the first morning we were all able to wake up with no jet-lag!!! Despite it being our last day at the Bhaktapur Guest House, and we were all very sad to leave our first Nepali home, the day was extremely special–and with a lot of exercise. The day started with Morning Mindfulness, led by Chandler, and a delicious breakfast with pancakes! When it came time to leave the guest house, we all took in the views for the last time, took down our group made prayer flag, and grabbed our packs.

Once we walked, more like hiked, up a road to the truck that holds our bags during travel, we headed to the Permaculture farm. Once we reached a more rural area, the roads became muddy, and our driver was unsure the van could make it up with all of our packs. The solution: hike up the big hill to the farm with our packs on our backs. Our first mini trek of the trip!! Making it up the hill covered in sweat and thighs throbbing, we released our loads and took a tour of the farm.

This is also our first experience where the only option for a restroom is a squat toilet – which is outside and 50 feet from our sleeping space. I, along with my fellow students, are still learning the ways of the squat toilet. But it all makes more sense according to our anatomy, right!!?? As the saying goes, if you get poop on your face, you wouldn’t (hopefully) only wipe it with a piece of toilet paper or tissue. So why do we do it down below…….

I am extremely excited for the adventures to come. Learning Nepali is so fun! Especially from the little kids on the farm. I learned how to say chili: cursani (coor-SAAN-ee)!

Let me tell you: the views of the terraces and plants with fluffy cloud peaking over the hill tops is one of the most gorgeous sights I have ever seen. A picture cannot do justice to the beauty.