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Photo by Scott Diekema, Nepal Semester.


Last week, on the final leg of our travel period before Patan, we had the amazing opportunity to go to Pharping for a few days. Pictured here is the view from the monastery we stayed at, as well as some photos from our beautiful day hike. One of my favorite moments in Pharping was on the first night, when we did a little scavenger hunt throughout the town to ask locals some questions and to buy a few items. At the very end of our scavenger hunt, we had one question remaining, one that was difficult to ask without knowing how to say it in Nepali- what is some history of Pharping? As we asked around, one shopkeeper recommended we go the shop next door, where we sat down and just so happened to be in the shop of a man who had studied history. He went on in great detail about Pharping’s history, and it was very inspiring that we got so lucky as to find him. This made me realize that every little shop is almost like a world of its own, and upon asking, there is a lot to be learned from those around us.