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Photo by Anna Hiltner

Poetry and Passion in La Paz

An Acrostic

L unch of soup and chicken and steripenning our lemonade

A sking locals for directions and retracing our steps

P urchasing incense and coca and florida water

A ltitude lifting our spirits and draining our lungs

Z ooming through these streets that are beginning to feel like home


A Haiku:

City of La Paz

Bustling cars and people

We know so little


Today we did our second scavenger hunt in Bolivia. We got to eat pastries that reminded us of Baklava (puff pastry with honey). On our way to lunch we saw a march in support of the Bolivian president Evo Morales. We got to visit the witch street in La Paz where we saw llama fetuses and candles of every color. We have gotten very comfortable asking strangers for directions. It was a nice day, but we are now exhausted and ready to take a nap.