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Photo by Benjamin Swift, Andes & Amazon Semester.

Pre-Course Assignment

Hola Dragones.

We know that you all have been putting a lot of work into packing and preparing for our journey, and we have created an assignment for you to help you prepare for our upcoming adventure.

We have divided the student group into four smaller groups, each with the goal to learn about one area of our Andes and Amazon program that we will be visiting.

Look into that place’s art, history, current events, food, climate, environment, geology–whatever topics you tend to find interesting. Each of you should investigate the place separately and make notes. Lonely Planet and other guidebooks are great resources, as is a simple Internet search.

Once we are all together at orientation in Bolivia, you’ll have time to meet up with your fellow group members to compare notes and decide what to share with the group.

There is no need to contact each other before the trip begins. We know you all must be very busy these days.

And so, the groups are:

  1. Bryn Haugh, Danielle Collette and Domenico Stella: La Paz, Coroico, Tocaña and the Cordillera Real.
  1. Ezra Chan, Henry Popp and Luca Cohen: Sucre, Potosí and the Cordillera de los Frailes
  1. Lucy Eichenauer, Maddy Cooper and Rose Frank: The Amazon
  1. Samuel Thomson, Sierra Goodfriend and Sophia Lasko: Cuzco, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley

Thank you all, and of course, feel free to post any questions that come up on the Yak board.

Hasta luego.