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Andean priest and spiritual leader, Don Fabian Champi Apaza. Photo by Tom Pablo, Andes & Amazon Semester.

pre-course assignment

Reading Eduado Galeano’s, Open Veins of Latin America provided me with a more detailed history of the rule over Latin America and the brutalities that the locals faced as a result of Spain’s desires. Immediately from the title of this piece I can see the author exposing this history to his audience as he includes the image of “Open Veins” in his title. This then reminded me of the beating heart in the video of Calle 13’s song “Latinoamerica”. Throughout the song the cultures of latin america are shown with various people in multiple different settings to show diversity and connection to their home. This song reclaims latin america’s culture with the beating heart buried under the surface after facing the brutal history described in Galeano’s piece. Personally, reading Galeano’s writing and then watching Latinoamerica I thought of latinoamerica as a response to the history and a moment of independence.

In terms of resistance in my community I have been less aware of the events within my hometown and more aware of the resistance where my school was located in Delaware. Last year after the Parkland shooting in Florida a gun control debate was held at the local high school about how to address gun control in Delaware schools. Governors of both political parties were represented and I, along with many of my classmates, decided to attend and simply listen. The debate turned into a shouting match and the crowd refused to listen to one political party entirely. One of the representatives was a democratic female and the men in the room did not allow her to complete one sentence before yelling over her. This debate was particularly eye opening in my community because I saw how unwilling some members of the community were to think about or adapt to changes in gun control and how a woman was still silenced by a crowd in 2018. These events led me to write my history thesis on marches on Washington and the fear of change so I can’t wait to focus on resistance over the next few months with you all.

See you soon!!!