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Re:About money clarification


Thank you posting your question Patti!  Yes, Dragons has recommended to the students/participants to bring an ATM card and extra amount of cash in US dollars just in case their card doesn’t work. These extra dollars would be in addition to what’s required for the visa fee. Please make sure that your respective bank is informed about your travel otherwise they may block your ATM card.

On another note, it is totally up to students whether they want to bring the razor with them or not and if they want to shave on course. You can also buy razors here and they are safe. We will be in the village homestay for festival celebrations in late October and all the family members will be gathered at the time, so many people make a special effort to look nice at that time. You can use your judgement around this.

If you have any questions please feel free to post on the yak board!

Thank you!