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Photo by Teva Corwin (2018 Summer Photo Contest Entry), Peru 4-Week.

Reaching New Heights

10,500 feet. That’s the rough difference between the elevation of my hometown in Florida compared to the town of Cancha Cancha, a place in Peru that I had the pleasure of visiting recently; after making the three hour trek I, along with the rest of my group, visited a school for young children where we ate, played, and enjoyed each other’s company. Although the difference in environment is daunting, I was able to adjust to a climate which is foreign to my mind and body. Assimilating myself in these situations, where I experienced language barriers with the children in Cancha Cancha and being short of breath at such high altitudes, would not have been any easier without my team’s immense support, patience and motivation. This is when I realized that I had reached new heights in both altitude as well as meaning of friendship and connection —  I now understand that both language and community can be breached through support and common ground.