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Photo by Teva Corwin (2018 Summer Photo Contest Entry), Peru 4-Week.

Sacred Valley Feelings

When Taita Inti (The sun) rises, you know it’s time. It’s time to reflect. The Apus (tallest mountains) covered by snow, the small mountains covered by live, and the beautiful smiling people embarking themselves to their daily journeys; makes you reflect.

How fortunate we are for being here. There is no place like the highlands, a place where reflecting is part of your routine. Being so close to the sky, gives you a different perspective on life, it allows you to connect more with Taita Inti, Mama Quilla, and Quyllur Quna (The sun, the moon and the stars).

As my grandpa used to say when I was a kid, all the things that I know and I can tell you my boy, came after a reflection. How can you reflect? I used to ask, just look at the stars and wisdom will come he always replied.

I’m still having troubles whenever I try to reflect because I won’t ever reflect as my grandpa does.  But being here I can think on what was the purpose of that old man when he said, of course you can, reflecting is not something that you look for when you are looking for answers (I used to think that). Reflecting is adding a different perspective to the way you are thinking. The sacred valley forces you to reflect. The beautiful people surrounding me, teach me something every day, the amazing landscape whisper to my ears through the breeze something new every day, the new and shining stars in this hemisphere show me different paths every day, the delicious variety of food provides my body with new feelings each time I taste it, the amazing group I’m working with makes me challenge myself and forces me to keep, guess what? Reflecting.

Just the fact that I’m waking up every day at Tahuantisuyu (Incan territory) keeps me ready to take all of the things I’m learning here and adding them to my thoughts. It takes no effort. As you all have been reading here in the yak board though our lovely students yak posts, reflecting is on the air here.

How fortunate we are! And we are not fortunate because we are learning how to reflect here, we are fortunate because we are here.

I’ll keep you all updated soon about how our reflection time down here (up here?, sometimes I forget that we are closer to the stars now) is going. I’ll leave you all for now, I’m going to keep reflecting.