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Photo by Scott Diekema, Nepal Semester.

Saying Good-bye to Traditional Menstrual Products Could be a Gateway To More Harmonious Living

As soon as I walked into the Anada tree house my entire being opened like a blossoming rose. It felt as if I had returned home to a home I have never been to (during this lifetime at least). Anada tree house is an eco homestay, cafe, and shop. The pastel colored store is built and decorated from local sourced trees and plants- hello mamma Goddess haven! I sat in bewilderment as I sipped my tangy kombucha and listened to the brilliant Claire speak about a global mensuration revolution- an eco-pad campaign for sustainability and women empowerment.

Claire proudly claimed, ‘menstrual awareness is environmental activism’. It is baffling how toxic menstrual products are to the human body and planet. Dominique Mosbergen from Huffington Post states, “Most tampons and pads also contain bleached and nonorganic cotton, rayon, wood pulp, or a combination of these materials. Nonorganic cotton and rayon are known to contain pesticides and herbicides including diuron, a chemical that the Environmental Protection Agency has dubbed a “likely” carcinogen, and dioxin, a toxin which the World Health Organization has linked to immune system suppression, reproductive problems and cancer.”(Mosbergen, HP)

So often humans live like robotic zombies. We don’t think twice about our actions. We believe what we have been taught without questioning and do what we have been shown without thinking.  Most women don’t think twice when they use traditional tampons or pads, in the same way a lot of humans don’t think about the food they put in their mouth. As a species we often live for convenience instead of consciousness- for consciousness typically requires shifts in lifestyle, maybe some discomfort.

There is nothing wrong with desiring convenience but if we want to survive and thrive as a species it is crucial to begin thinking more deeply. To ask more questions such as what we are doing, why we are doing it, who and what it effects, if it is worth any harmful impacts, and how we can show up as our highest self. The Earth can’t sustain herself with the way we are functioning as a race. It is up to each individual to take responsibility for the way they are showing up. The Earth isn’t going to save herself, the process of returning to a harmonious state is brought forth through each individual human.

Using a traditional feminine product might seem minuscule, but in the long run it adds up. Not only to the body itself but also the overall harmful impact it creates towards the Earth herself. Mosbergen claims, “Worldwide, it’s estimated that over 100 billion menstrual hygiene products are disposed of annually. In North America alone, about 20 billion sanitary napkins, tampons and tampon applicators — which are not recyclable, since they’ve been in contact with human waste. Since these items contain plastic, which does not biodegrade, it’ll take at least 500 to 800 years for each pad and tampon to decompose. When incinerated — a common practice in some developing nations — these products release toxic fumes, including carbon dioxide.”(Mosbergen, HP)

Sometimes I forget how much every action matters. How every decision creates a rippling effect of who I want to be and what kind of world I want to live in. I know I want to be someone who really cares. I desire to be a women who lives consciously. Who doesn’t go throughout life without thinking twice. I desire to be a woman who treats my body like royalty and honors the Earth as if she is my lover. I want to live in harmony with my own nature- which is a mere reflection of being in resonance with Earth Goddess herself. I know this doesn’t come easily and without ‘sacrifice’. It requires doing things the ‘harder way’ sometimes. It requires walking the extra distance to fill up a water bottle instead of buying the plastic one. It requires carrying soap with me to clean the cup instead of living in a F it ‘lazy’ mentality and bringing dispensable tampon/pads with me. Living as a fully conscious human requires the willingness to travel a few extra milestones so I can live in greater integrity with myself, the Earth, and the Cosmos. ( I also must remember forgiveness- for I am a messy vulnerable human and a conscious path is challenging)

Within every micro moment I choose who I want to be and what world I yearn to live in. During the visit to Anadatree house I remembered the depth of how every choice matters. How much every tampon matters. How the choice to use an eco-pad or cup could be the possible pathway to personal empowerment. How every time I consciously remember to think about the wellbeing of the planet and Self I drop more deeply into my sacred heart. Consciousness is a pathway to passion. It’s awareness- Divine love and care.The reason my whole being opened up at the treehouse is because I remembered how much I care. About the rise of feminine- eco-awareness. How much I care about the healing of the world and being a channel for the forces of harmony to flow through.

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