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Student Led Workshop

Namaste all!

We know that you must be a mixture of excited and anxious, and so are we!

The three of us are about to meet up together in the hills outside of Kathmandu for a week of planning, going through materials, and finalizing logistics. We are thrilled to share our love and knowledge of the region with you.

On this course, we instructors and the people and places of Nepal will not be the only teachers. So will you! Every Dragons group is unique, and we can’t wait to see what you bring to the table. In order to help facilitate this, we request some preparation on your end before arriving.

You individually will be leading a lesson/activity/experience on the topic of your choice. To be more specific, we want you to teach us about something you think is important for the group to learn. We are leaving it open-ended because each of you has such distinct backgrounds and passions. In the past students have led everything from a laughing meditation, shared a cultural practice or ceremony from their background, taught everyone about the importance of organic food to teaching about a style of poetry. The topic and method are up to you! The only request we have is that it ideally doesn’t require the use of technology and that it is about 30 minutes long (but that is also flexible). Please have the topic selected and a basic outline planned before you come to Nepal.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

Hemant, Shanti, and Vincent