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Photo by Benjamin Swift, Andes & Amazon Semester.

Technology Policy

Hola estudiantes!

We are so excited to begin our adventure with all of you. One of the things we want to offer you is a fully present and meaningful experience. For this time, we’re going to unplug to plug in; the world will be our entertainment, our group our community. While in Bolivia and Peru, we are going to minimize the distractions created by electronics. Essentially, we ask that you leave your electronics at home. We are so used to screens and devices, it might be hard to imagine going so long without your phone, but we promise it’s worth it!

In acknowledgement, Dragons has a no cell phones policy on all of our trips. We know that this might be difficult for some, but we ask that you keep your cellphones at home. In Bolivia and Peru, you will find pay phones to contact home frequently. We will give you time to get in touch with loved ones. We will also be posting on the Yak board about flight arrivals and departures. It will be an important goal for all of us to keep friends and families close to our travels and reflections.

This is a list of approved/not approved electronic devices.

*NOT permitted: Cell phones, computers, iPads, tablets, iPod Touch, or any device that has the capacity to connect to the internet.

*Permitted: Cameras and music players (none with phone/internet/Wi-Fi capabilities)

We will have a strict music policy while on course. Music is an amazing resource to keep us entertained during long bus rides, uplifted during a rough day, or merely as an inspiring sound to lift our soul, no reason. However, music and earplugs can often distance us from the communities and cultures we came to visit. During our trip, music players that do not have wifi capabilities will be allowed only during long bus trips or during down time in hostels, etc… We love music as much as you do and as a group we will find as many ways to dance, sing, and celebrate sound together in as many ways, and in as many instances as possible; however, it is important that we connect with the natural sounds of our environment too. It will further our presence and connection with the land and people in Bolivia and  Peru.

If you arrive with any of the non-permitted items they will be held by the instructors for the remainder of the course. Instructors are not responsible for items that are lost, stolen or damaged.

Thank you for understanding this policy! If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact a member of the instructor team! We will gladly speak about how this policy functions and why we think it adds depth to our experience together.

Keshet, Randall and Paola