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Photo by Benjamin Swift, Andes & Amazon Semester.

The Adventure Begins

It has been four days since I arrived to Bolivia with fellow travelers, who have quickly become good friends. The amount of comfort that I feel here in Coroico is undoubtedly surprising. On top of saying goodbye to warm showers and coming to terms with the fact that my clothes will not always smell great, I have come to a place that is completely foreign to me. And yet, nothing feels even remotely out of place, at least not yet. This is what I wanted: to arrive here in Bolivia and start an educationally transformative process that will last throughout and beyond the upcoming three months. Orientation week has felt like the start of that. I have already begun to meet the most open minded, amazing people. I feel that I will be able to stay true to myself on this trip, but at the same be at a place where challenging conversations and growth amid supportive people will allow me to reshape my identity in remarkable ways.

I will have more to report in the next few week as I’m only in the orientation phase. Tomorrow we are going to an Afro-Bolivian town called Tocaña where we will learn a traditional Bolivian dance called the Saya, which is super exciting. After that will be our first trek in La Cordillera De Los Frailes, and then our home stay with an independent study project (I asked for cooking, wood printing, or weaving) and Spanish lessons. I can’t wait for the upcoming weeks. More updates to come!

P.S: Phone calls will be hard to come by, but I can email, so if you’re reading this from home, please contact me on my gmail.