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Trying to Prevent the scary natures of Nepal

Noah: “Bro, we should totally go on a hike after we finish our tea. It’s so nice out.”

Owen: “Yeah that sounds hella fun. But supposedly there are tons of leeches so we should duct tape our pants to our shoes so they can’t reach our feet or ankles.”

Noah: “Yeah, facts. Getting leeches would suck.”

(20 minutes into the hike)

Noah: “Bro, I feel like I didn’t duct tape correctly.”

Owen: “Nah, it’s fine I don’t think there are even a lot of leeches on this path”

Noah: “Ok Ok”

(5 minutes later)

Noah: “DUDE! I just felt my foot under the tape and I have like 10 leeches!!! Still a gorgeous hike though, I can’t believe we’re in Nepal. I’m so happy.