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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Umbrellas in Panauti

Against a grey blanket of clouds
A burst of bright hexagons on metal poles
Inflates in an instant,
Contrasting the dull flood of rain.

The clouds poach the busy streets for their victims,
Choosing among vibrant patterns.
The rain cascades over Panautis geometric jacket,
The people beneath invincible.

Nepali footsteps are overshadowed by their personal roofs:
Blue plaid stripes hide a hunched man hobbling across wet bricks,
A woman’s red sash blends in with her polka dotted hat,
A small stray dog creeps unnoticed under a navy cover.

Popping up, twirling, dancing up and down,
Then pausing as the sun reappears;
The bursts of color collapse immediately,
Revealing the equally colorful people underneath.