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Photo by Sophie Singletary

Update from the tower in Mouït

Towers are built for sight, to see and be seen. From our tower in Mouït, it sometimes feels as if we can see to the end of the earth. The tide pools and sand crab burrows stretch all the way to the water which then meets the horizon in the very far distance, what seems to be the very end of the earth. As their breeze caresses our hot skin, we can see the trees the monkeys climb, below which we see people walking across the bridge going along their daily tasks. We felt at one with the thunderstorm amidst the clouds, the lightning strikes at eye level.

This tower has also been an access point to further insights into Senegal. We have learned significantly more Wolof and French, which will allow us to converse more (skills we have already used in a day stay and holiday celebration with homestay families) therefore opening us up to notice and see more details about life here. We have learned about history, agriculture, climate change and other trends and have begun exploring more nuances and complexities to the culture, which helps us begin to see the bigger picture of both Senegal and the world. Through late night social sessions, we have also begun to see more sides to each other. Whether studying together, playing guitar, journaling, or talking we have grown closer. This tower in Mouït has offered sight in a multitude of ways.