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Visa and Spending Money

Hey folks,

We ask that each of you enter Indonesia on a paid $35 USD cash only 30-day visa on arrival that will be extended to 60 days in Jogja. This will be purchased upon arriving at the airport in Jakarta. As you enter immigration, you will see an option to purchase the extendable visa. Note: The free 30-day visa is not extendable and would require an earlier, unplanned visa run. We have found that this is an easier process than having each of you apply for visas from Indonesian embassies or consulates ahead of time. So please have $35 prepared to pay for the visa.

This is in addition to the $200 for our visa run (after our extended visas expire), and any spending money. As a reminder, we posted the following in our yak on packing:

  1. SPENDING MONEY & ATM CARD Whatever you will need for souvenirs, snacks, laundry, post cards, & postage. We recommend ~$200 (separate from the $200 for the visa run), many people spend less. Students can use the ATM or currency exchange upon arrival in Indonesia to access local currency. An ATM card is great to have as an emergency backup, just make sure you tell your bank you’re traveling to Indonesia and make sure you know the pin. Pro-tip: Always having $20 US dollars in a hidden part of your money belt is a smart practice.

So we ask that you each arrive with $235 in addition to any spending money that you decide to bring.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

We are looking forward to meeting each of you soon in Jakarta!

the I-Team (Colin, Hannah, and Rita)