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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

YuBeng Trek

We are writing from the Yubeng Mountain Village (about 3000 meters elevation) where we have been living for the past 3 days. It’s so beautiful here. When you step outside you are surrounded by these huge green mountains with snowy tops. Donkeys, cows, and yaks grazing outside your room eating from the apple trees are a norm here. We are sleeping in rooms of four (2 bunk beds) with squat toilets a short walk away.

To get to Yubeng, we hiked for 8 hours from our home-stay in Tibet with our back packs. 2/3 was uphill and super steep! Then we got to the mountain pass, which was at the peak of our hike (3,700m.) At the mountain pass, there were hundreds of rainbow Buddhist prayer flags strung all across the trees. We all made wishes with our own prayer flags and then let them blow away in the wind. Later we stopped for hot noodles and local Tibetan butter milk tea (made of yak butter, yak milk and salt.) Then we hiked down to the guest house in the Yubeng Mountain village for a dinner of rice, vegetables, eggs and pork.

The next day, we set off for our hike to a Buddhist waterfall. We hiked for four hours through the most stunning streams, fields and hills. It was really sunny and so nice to be completely immersed in nature. At the top, we ran into the freezing waterfalls, which, according to the 5 sects of Tibetan Buddhism, is sacred. On our walk down, it started to hail, but luckily, we had our hats and fleeces. The path was really wet and muddy on the way down so by the time we got to the bottom our shoes were covered in layers of mud (it didn’t smell pretty). We had a really nice warm dinner together when we got back. Afterwards we stayed up late telling stories and playing cards, before settling down for an early night.

Today we are having a relaxed day – reading, journaling, Mandarin lessons, hammocking and exploring the town. Tomorrow we will hike down for 4 hours to the bus which will take us to Wei- Shi. Then we will take a 9 hour bus to Dali, a small city.

We are having so much fun and are excited to explore the rest of China!

Missing and sending love to all of our families,

Joya and Lae <3