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Arrival Information

by Juancho

Dear Friends,

We wanted to post some details about arriving in Guatemala and transferring to Antigua Guatemala, as we know it can be daunting to travel to a new location for the first time. You have all booked flights independently and will be arriving at different times/days, so please read the following note carefully to know what information pertains to you.

Upon landing in La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City, you will need to fill in an arrival form (it is usually handed to you on the flight). With a valid U.S. passport, you can stay up to 90 days without having to apply for a visa. The arrival form can be done by hand.  For the purposes of the forms you can write your address in Guatemala as: “Hotel El Meson del Valle, 5ta Ave. Sur # 11c, Antigua Guatemala”.

Just so you are prepared, the airport and baggage claim area can be particularly slow at times.  When you exit the airplane and before you walk into customs you can change some money at an exchange spot, but we recommend only exchanging between US$ 50-100 over here because the rate is better at a local bank, something that you can do in Antigua. But for your first expenses in Guatemala, such as transportation in Antigua, meals, etc. this amount should be enough.  

For those of you arriving more than 2 days early (Amina and Don), you have already been in touch with us about accommodations and have arranged airport pick up as well.

For those of you arriving on the 27th, (Chris and Katina) we have arranged a vehicle,  that will wait for both of you. The driver will be at the exit with a “DRAGONS” sign and take you together straight to our meeting point at the hotel. We will all be convening on the afternoon of the 27th for a welcome hug and some introduction activities. You will have time to unpack, eat lunch and get comfortable before we begin with the activities.  Also, we will get everybody settled in their single rooms before we go out to explore Antigua in the afternoon. Some folks who have been in Antigua for a while may have to move to Hotel El Meson del Valle on 5th Ave Sur (south) #11c, after 11 AM. Our reservation under “Dragons” will be waiting for you. Even though our course officially begins this day, we will take it easy this afternoon and make sure that we all go to bed early. We will dedicate time on Monday morning to take care of bank needs. There are also many ATM’s in Antigua that you can use to withdraw quetzales at any time.

We will post a yak with our phone numbers (Liz and Juancho)  a few days before all of you arrive in case you have any problems upon arrival.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions via email or post your questions in a yak.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Guatemala very soon!

Liz & Juancho