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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Arriving in Mustang for Expedition Phase

There’s something about seeing something as massive, as wildly colossal as the Himalayas that makes a person feel small. Suddenly, life becomes about far more than just you; you are immediately taken out of your head and placed in the presence of these roaring, raw, explosive pieces of earth. Simultaneously, and somewhat paradoxically, seeing the Himalayas was an experience that also made me feel very big. It wasn’t “Mickey Feeney” that felt big, however. It wasn’t me as I normally think of myself, but rather the essence of who I am; the deepest part of me felt connected to something inexplicably large. This is the feeling that arose in me as we entered earlier today into what will be our home for the next five days. The entire group was amazed as we saw the landscape change from the bamboo and banana trees of Pokhara into the barren, otherworldly mountain terrain of Mustang, all in a day’s bus ride. After the trip, during our check-in, students described themselves as “ecstatic”, “overjoyed” and “in awe”. All I can say is that every single one of us is thrilled to be here, and to experience something totally new, totally awesome.