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At the End of the Universe

We arrived in Nagarkot after a twisty bus ride up into the hills. The views were stunning all along the way up, so you can only imagine our anticipation for the view from above and of the mountains! THIS IS X-PHASE!

X Phase is where we, the students, plan the whole thing. We have split the role of logistics, budget, transportation, and more amongst all 13 of us. We chose to stay at the Hotel at the End of the Universe, which is a cute and gorgeous hotel. They have three dogs that chill around it all day. Even a big German Shepherd! (I think. I’m not great with dog breeds) We are staying in either these wooden tent cabins or in the family cottage. We have been on three different hikes, all of different lengths and difficulties. But they have one thing in common: a view. The view of the valley, the terraces, the houses throughout the hills, and the overall nature is something I will be forever grateful for. Being surrounded by nature and fresh smelling air has been almost therapeutic for us.

On the first night, we had a bonfire and told stories around the fire. This morning, we had a yoga class led by one of the owners of the hotel. Despite our action packed schedule, we have been relaxing and enjoying this time before we embark on our two week trek. We have gotten closer and participated in much needed self reflection. We have even watched a movie each night! The owners were kind enough to lend us a nice room at the hotel where we can watch on a TV and have beds/mattresses for all of us. We watched Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, and tonight: Spirited Away.

X Phase has been very successful and we are all sad to be leaving tomorrow for midcourse; however, we are excited for all that is to come. Here are some photos of beautiful Nagarkot and our adventures.