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Ba’ax ka wa’alik

Hello !

that is how you say ” Hello ” in Mayan Language,,

Good luck & no,

I’m not a Mayan Liguisnt,

I just went on the internet which probably means, ” Ba’ax ka wa’alik ” is wrong ,,,

Hi y’all,’

So excited for this unexpected trip to Guatemala.

Strong interest with all “things” down that way with an amazing 3-month lone bike ride through the Yucatan just before giving up over 2 decades in very hard rock/metal/punk/? bands,,  then into marriage, firefighter paramedic, dog & twin “genius” boys. ” Genious?” I can back it up,,,  Just let me say here; a Geiger counter is usually not a parenting device.  I’ll explain later, or just go here,,  that’s where they just came back from,, It’s basically, theoretically; going to be the first fusion power plant, & not too far away ,,  a future so bright, we’re all gonna need shades & again, I’ll explain later ,,,

I’ve done many things,

but I believe doing for others is the most honorable act, one can do,,,

Not trying to gain status { or maybe I am 😉 } with my resume as my sons tell me I do it for myself, and believe their right. My past volunteer work is intense as a peer at a 6 day residential PTSD retreat for military & first responders to which I once was a client. A good place to know about if ya know of a first responder in trouble. The drs,  therapist, peers are all volunteer and of the culture. I will also say it’s not so great for military personnel, it’s more of a first responder thing, but if a “duel hat” great! )

Going forward with opportunity, I took a passion of mine, kayak fishing, to help make Heroes on the a thing all over the western united states. It’s basically getting returning vets/first responders and their families, out on the water fishing out of kayaks. If ya know of a vet or a first responder,, look it up in your area as were kind of all over the world now, & go fishing, or volunteer,  &  have a nice day by a lake with good food & humans,

It’s been a blizzard pace raising a family, volunteer work,  busy firefighter paramedic all over the bay area and finally a home at Sacramento City Fire to which I am now retired,, Ya !!!

I made it! sort of,, Injuries have been tough this year but finally on the mend and even though not in fighting shape, good enough to make this adventure!

Slowing down now & taking the time to look around,, inward ,,,

Has brought me back to my earlier passions of Spirituality, Connection to it & of  The Latin Americas people.

Their Struggles since the Spanish built ships,

It’s “Tremendous” as we know ,,


I see Royalty in these folks, in their faces ,,

Of a rich & vibrant culture not forgotten post being downtrodden by explores, priests, gangs and governments,,

Through it all, they have remained resilient and still have their olds ways that supersede all that has happened to them.

I want to see/be with the Guatemalan people, hear what they have to say, about everything ,,

Then want to see how I can help ,,,

I think I’m on the right path already as things just keep happening to make things happen,,,


Traveled Mexico, Baja,, ( love Baja, lots of time in Baja ), Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco, Canada & our nation,

Always off the beaten path except when with my family,

then, it’s almost an embarrassment in privilege wanting to help the hired help.,,, lol

but hey,

not everyone feels comfortable in a well worn Guatemalan Hammock,,, 😉

See y’all soon,

Don ” Danglin ” Anglin