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Andean priest and spiritual leader, Don Fabian Champi Apaza. Photo by Tom Pablo, Andes & Amazon Semester.

Baile and Bubble Tea: a Lifestyle

Last Wednesday, we discovered our new favorite routine.

Step one: Meet at the orange flags at 2pm sharp

Step two: Spot a 106 Trufi for a bumpy ride to Cochabamba

Step three: Pass the palm trees and shout “Vamos a bajar”

Step four: Check farmacies and markets for some killer gluten free (or gluten full) snacks

Step five: Charlar all the way to calle Santa Cruz

Step six: Climb the stairs of the restaurant to the dance studio

Step seven: Shake our booties to different tunes for an hour (our favorite moves are from the Yungas)

Step eight: Book it to bubble tea

Step nine: Sip bubble tea and talk about life

Step ten: Ride a 106 or 120 AALLLL the way home

Repeat steps one through ten Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Are you jealous yet?