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Photo by Scott Diekema, Nepal Semester.

Cosmic Laffy Taffy: Meditative Infinity

Duality like a guising knife, tempting us with the pleasure of the cut. Individuality and autonomy isn’t that what is truly free? We do not understand that our socialized conception, our conceived definition of such traps us within the circular plane. Existing within form, within mind, like a giant luminescent pinball game. What is the difference between knowing with you whole being and existing within liberation? Sitting, feel time, space and sound as one eternal thing – speaking to the interdependence with such beauty. My room interlaces itself as it’s representation. My alter connecting to my dresser, my dresser to my carpet as though golden energy was being pulled like yellow laffy taffy. I too am this taffy. A continuous string of light of energy that is malleable flexible and continuous for it is the infinite. See the play, the egoic play you might say. Seeing ignorance tied up like presents a generalization of the world spieling giddy with such. An animation of sorts that is so beautiful, so divine, yet so stupid, so comical. and senseless. Driving ourselves mad over personalized narratives, that can paint itself in a million different directions, painted by relative truth. Trying to make relative solid as though it makes sense. We are like cats with a ball of yarn, trying to catch it, to hold it in our hands, to understand but it never stands still. Nor is it one thing, one point. We can dance in duality we have forgotten but we are remembering.