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Photo by Tom Pablo, Andes & Amazon Semester.

cultural preservation through environmental restoration

This week we had an assignment to create a project proposal that reverses climate change in rural areas while preserving the culture of these communities. My parter Noah and I blueprinted a project which was inspired in attempt to create a draft with the bases’s of culture and environment. We competed this draft in hopes to find a way to reverse or slow down climate change in rural regions. Here is our proposal.

Cultural Preservation through Environmental Restoration:

We would like to create a system for students or anyone to volunteer, which helps to restore environments by reintroducing native and local species to the Earth. This will not out source local agricultural establishments but rather enhance them by having nature intertwined within every nook and cranny that isn’t already utilized for human agricultural benefit. The idea is to create wild environments within every available land source that is not a necessity for human survival. The teams will partner with local communities in an attempt to encourage local communities to utilize their traditional and or indigenous knowledge of earth based and agricultural practices, to then enhance and maximize environmental growth. This will be done in attempts to counter act climate changing effects by the production of microclimates through reintroducing local and traditional plant species.  The teams within these communities will only be involved to hopefully encourage and strengthen the establishment within local camaraderie, local self sustainability and give support for local and rural peoples at large. It is to be made emphatically clear that we do not want to impose or assume we have all the answers. In fact we want to learn as well as give resources to local communities with hopes to blossom the indigenous and traditional knowledge already active within rural areas. We are attempting to help save what already belongs to these peoples. “Hey guys, how can I help you save what is yours?” “Here are a few ideas we have, are you interested?”