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Photo by Benjamin Swift, Andes & Amazon Semester.

De Sucre con Amor

Today is a bittersweet day for our group because those of us who have been commuting to Sucre 3 days a week for our ISPs will have our last micro ride home from the city tonight. In “la ciudad blanca” we learned as diverse things as Quechua, cooking, carved printing, agriculture, indigenous identity studies, and more, and we loved getting to know the city and buying group snacks at the mercado during our free time. We´ve all made up our minds over which heladería is better between Vacafría and Sucre, spent lots of time hanging out at Condor Cafe, written home from our favorite internet cafe near Plaza 25 de Mayo, and ventured up the hill to the recoleta for great city views and cool sweaters. Most of all it has been special getting to know a city not only where our Spanish teachers and ISP mentors live, but which has deep ties to our instructor team, with Paola being from Sucre and Randall having lived here for a decade. Though we´re ready to be together again as a group and explore new places, we´ll miss the opportunity our homestay gave us to feel at home in a new city.

-Written in an internet cafe in Sucre, 10/21/19