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“Everything that is profound is SIMPLE….”

HI MOM AND DAD IF YOU ARE READING THIS IM HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE!!! After 17 days of living out of my backpack, I have come to realize that happiness comes from the simple things. At home I always felt like I needed some sort of meaningless entertainment to make me ‘happy’, like video games or tv. Looking back, I can say with all certainty that I was not experiencing true happiness. When you are living out of your backpack, you don’t have any materials, you have friends and the nature that surrounds you. The adventures you experience and the people who are around you are the real keys to happiness. Washing dishes at night with frozen fingers while Vincent sings about how pain is an illusion may not sound too fun to most, but I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. Sleeping on a cold, concrete floor in a wet sleeping bag because your tent became a puddle may sound miserable to most, but the laughs we shared as we danced in the puddles of our dinner tent will forever make me smile. Living out of my backpack proved to me that fancy clothes, video games, tv, PHONES, and so many other materials that we hold so dear to us, don’t make us happy. This experience has shown me that the true key to happiness consists of food, water, shelter, and the family you surround yourself with (the views are just a huge plus). No matter how many ‘new’ and ‘cool’ devices you have, no matter how many fancy clothes you wear, you will never experience happiness in its truest form. Happiness lives within you and the people you surround yourself with. Happiness is all about the simple things! LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD, THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME THIS OPPORTUNITY!!! 🙂