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First Night in Kunming

After a six hour bullet train ride, from Chengdu to Kunming train station, a subway ride, and a taxi ride, we finally arrived at the Dragon’s program house 🙂 Our host families awaited our arrival, along with our three Chinese teachers, who provided brief oral placement exams to separate us into Chinese classes.

My host mother greeted me with a warm smile and quick hug, her name is Luo Xuan. Luckily for me, my family’s apartment is a short five-seven minute walk away, so I did not have to travel far to reach “home.” Upon my arrival, I was kindly welcomed by my host meimei (little sister) called Ying Tao (which means cherry), her three month old baby sister, my host father and two grandparents. Ying Tao has just gotten a skateboard and after dinner she was so excited to show me her new moves, we ran out to the local skate park nearby. My host mother asked me if I had ever used a skate board before, and I had not, but I thought – how hard can this be if my seven year old host sister can do it. I was wrong. As she wheezed by on the board, when it came to my turn, I immediately fell on my butt. Definitely embarrassing, but a funny moment for the both of us.