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Group update

Hi everyone!

A few of you have been in touch with me wanting a little update about the group. By all reports, everyone is well. The students have taken charge of scheduling their time in Langa (around community availability/needs of course), but for the past two days they have opted to visit the local hot springs and to do a day hike (pics attached) around the extinct volcanoes in the area.

Egen, our phenomenal Homestay Coordinator and ex-Instructor has been helping the students to understand the culture of his people. Dragons has been coming to Langa for around 6 years now. I can’t express how much of a privilege it is being connected to this community.

On top of sinking into Langa life, the group have been fairly busy planning their 10-day Expedition Phase (or X Phase), which is fast approaching. Planning X Phase (in my experience) can feel challenging for some students, but the goal is to generate ideas, think about risks, come to consensus, make mistakes and learn. Basically each student is offered the opportunity to become a mini Instructor and this is the time where their new travel skills are truly tested. This Fall group will be travelling to Labuan Bajo, Flores and then to Ubud, Bali. We are all excited to see what they do with their time.

Ok, that’s all from me. Please do feel free to be in touch with me whenever you need, my email again is: [email protected] The group will have better access to signal over the coming weeks (especially in Bali and during their visa run). But during the last 1/3 of the program they will be in an even more remote location than now.