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Hola a todos!

Easter in San Juan La Laguna - by Liz Wiig

I imagine you are feeling the excitement build as our travels tiptoe closer… I know that I am! My bags are partially packed with warm weather clothes that I gratefully have not yet put away for the winter.  Juancho and I have been finalizing plans, fine-tuning our itinerary, and we can’t wait to acquaint all of you with the profound beauty and complexity of Guatemala!

I spent my childhood exploring the rugged wilderness of California where I was primed to look beyond my ‘backyard’ for adventure and cultivated a love for exploration. I officially “caught the travel bug” while lounging on my couch in high school, reading armchair travel books and daydreaming about far-off places. Soon thereafter I packed my bags and moved to Italy where I developed an affinity for the ‘unknown’ and an enthusiasm for sharing it. Hence, working in the field of international education.

My time with Where There Be Dragons began over 12 years ago when I stepped into the office and joined this team of thoughtful, earnest travelers and teachers. My journeys with Dragons have led me to India, Thailand, Morocco, Senegal, and Guatemala. I have looped back to Italy many times, and most recently led a farm-to-table program for high schoolers in southern Tuscany. Besides Italy, California, and Colorado (where I now call home), my other ‘love country’ – the place where I feel most at home – is Guatemala.

Soon enough we will be gathered together, beginning our journey together in the beautiful city of Antigua and along the shores of the majestic Lago de Atitlan. I urge you to pack an open and curious mind, bring lots of questions, and leave behind as many preconceptions as you can.

In the meantime, please be in touch with any needs. I am looking forward to meeting all of you in a couple of weeks!