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Photo by Tom Pablo, Andes & Amazon Semester.

Home in Urubamba

As our final week is creeping upon us its beginning to sink in how much I’m going to miss my homestay family here in Urubamba.

Last Wednesday was absolutely beautiful, the sun was shinning and everything felt good. My 8 year old sister Danielle and I went to the plaza. The entire time we spoke Spanish and I was able to hold conversation, she’s always telling me how good I’m getting at Spanish, so it felt extra great to hear! That afternoon we just played, she ran around, I chased her, ate popcorn and enjoyed a moment of life together.

She’s been studying a lot for exams and I’m busy with homework, so creating this time was necessary for both of us.

I’ve shown her videos of skiing, she’s helped me with pronouncing words and whenever we need a break from homework we’ll color in her coloring books.

I have a really great relationship with both of my parents too. I call my father, Titi, which in Quechua translates to dad/father and my mother Mamasita.

My mamasita is amazing! On Saturday morning I woke up feeling a bit sad, as I was going through the emotions and putting on my shoes for the day I heard a soft knock on my door. Danielle was getting me to come to breakfast. As I walked in to the kitchen / dinning area, I saw 2 gluten free pancakes with bananas and jam on top. This was just the beginning of the most delicious breakfast!

Sunday was an early day because of our group hike but once again my bonita mamasita out did herself! Again with the food, more pancakes, yummy fruit, extra black coffee and a cup of hot chocolate to go (like what!?!) Our mornings usually consist of laughter and story telling.

For me, it’s the small things that go the furthest in life, food is one of them, encouragement to keep up my Spanish is another and even a hug from my little sister before I go to sleep means the most. There’s so many moments I’ll hold in my heart from being here, this family has definitely made my days in Urubamba more enjoyable than I could have ever imagined.

*Pictured is Danielle and I taking a quick homework break*