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Photo by Benjamin Swift, Andes & Amazon Semester.

Los días en La Jastambo

One night before we started our homestays the 12 students made tacos for dinner. They also took care of buying the ingredients, It was a good and fun time. Many times food gathers and connects us.

Since Monday we have had Spanish classes and some afternoons we have different charlas, or presentations with guest speakers. We also have been participating in activities that involve practicing our Spanish while engaging in learning opportunities with the community.

The afternoon that we started the homestays there was nervousness and excitement in the air. I like that feeling, when you are about to discover something entirely new and many times you do not know what to expect and there is so much magic in that. Appreciating totally new opportunities is a gift that we try to take advantage of every day. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes is not. Meanwhile we are willing to learn en el camino.

Saludos con amor.