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Photo by Caleb Brooks

Majkhali: Contemplations

A fire burns over the fields of mud and grain

The smell of earthy manure and the humidity of the morning dew settle in the space around me

Animals shuffle their way through the gravel roads, ambling side by side with their owners in a show of unity

I wake to the rustling of lime trees in the cool morning wind

Majkhali is awake


Max and I sit, contemplating the jarring simplicity of such a life

We sit with the mountains in our view, silently sharing with each other the awe of our simple existence

Is it true?

Can one live such as this family does?

Is there contentment to be found outside of the comforts and luxuries we have been repeatedly told to find our sense of self in?

The answer is etched into my heart, a meek and humble yes


I will not allow myself to forget

To forget Ama-Ji and Kamala’s nimble hands as they meticulously crafted roti by the burning wood

To forget Ajay-Ji’s powerful words and his ever more powerful silence

To forget Mukesh and Pavan’s excitement over memories of hiking, weddings, and watching the WWE

A “We miss you bro” is enough to make me sure of this

And what I know for certain is that I will one day return