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Photo by Tom Pablo, Andes & Amazon Semester.

My Chocolate Lady

When I first came to Urubamba, I was on a mission to find one thing: Chocolate. I have allergies to gluten and dairy, so finding sweets that I can eat is usually a struggle for me. One challenge for me here is not being able to eat sweets and watching my peers eat them. This is hard for me. So I decided to find a sweet that I could eat. Kaela let me know where I could find chocolate without dairy!

One day, I was walking through the market, looking for chocolate. There are usually three chocolate ladies all in the same place, but I went to the one in the corner. It’s a little embarrassing how much chocolate I have bought from her…usually I buy 7-10 bars at a time! And these bars are not small or in-expensive either. Over the course of four weeks, I know I have supported her with at least $100 in US money. Every time I go, she greets me with a smile and asks how much chocolate I want…she usually prepares at least 20 different kinds for me to choose from (all without dairy!) In fact, I buy so much chocolate from her, that she has started giving me free mini chocolate bars.

I love my chocolate lady so much. Today was my last time buying chocolate from her, and I told her this: “Estoy triste porque este es mi ultimo ves estoy veniendo aqui.” (I am sad because this is my last time coming here.) “Manana, ire por Boliva.” (Tomorrow I leave for Bolivia.) This is probably the most spanish I have ever spoken to her other than “Queiro chocolate sin leche” (I want chocolate without milk) and small buying-things-phrases. She looked at me sadly and said “No regresas?” (You won’t return?) I said no. After I had picked out my…hehe….10 chocolate bars, She came out from behind her stand and gave me many hugs–thanking me for giving her business because it helps her family. I felt so grateful, bittersweet, and so many other things.

There are a lot of relationships here in Urubamba that I am going to miss dearly, and I will especially miss my chocolate lady.

Note*Most of the Spanish in this post has grammar errors 🙂 I am still learning!